About us

If you need finance, you've found a friend
Making the right decisions about finance is, for most people, the most important thing in our lives after our family. In fact the two are intimately linked, so choosing which loan to apply for is vitally important to both you and therefore everyone here at Loans Warehouse. It’s a fact that we never let ourselves forget.
So getting it wrong isn’t an option, which is why our people pass ‘the passion test’ before they work here. They must be passionate about the loans and finance industry with the amazing products it has to offer, and they must be passionate about people, devoted to providing customer care and service to the highest possible standards.
Certificate in a frame
Experience and understanding
Our team of advisers have many decades of combined experience in the industry but with a true perspective of how money affects us in our daily lives. We don’t make decisions lightly or without all the facts and we place a great deal of importance on making things easier for people so they can look forward without worrying about finance.
We do this by listening to people’s individual needs, and by finding the solution that will meet them and we do it as well as anyone in the industry. It’s also why we make friends with everyone we provide finance for.
Choice and value
Offering a choice of products is, for us, one of the most important decisions we have made as a business. We can never know too much about every loan product available, because for us, the right option can always be found if the choice is there in the first place. Our lender relationships are second to none so we can offer truly exceptional value, to all our customers.
Listing of core principles